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Summer Reading

During the school year my time for my own pursuits are severely limited. And I mean severely. So during the summer I like to dedicate myself to something done strictly for myself. This year in particular, I haven’t read a book that doesn’t have SOMETHING to do with my classes since start of quarter (which was Helen of Troy by Margaret George. So I have a reading list I’m working on for summer vacation. Here is what I have so far, as well as a few stats that may help in case anyone would like to suggest their own favorites!


Brains Are Sexy!




*The Good Earth

-Pearl S. Buck


*Madame Curie

-Eve Curie





*The Book Your Church Doesn’t Want You To Read

-Tim C. Leedom


*The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Beauty’s Punishment

Beauty’s Release

-Anne Rice


*The Giver

-Lois Lowry


*Perfume: Story of a Murderer

-Patrick Suskind




Genre: Historical Fiction/Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Politics, Philosophy

Themes: Birth/Death, Heroism, Truth/Deception, Journey, Hope/Hopelessness, Betrayal, Power, Judgment (NO book similar to the Left Behind series please), Sense of self, Survival, Individualism/Conformity

Books to Date:


                        -Gregory Maguire


                        -Morgan Llwelyn

            *Harry Potter

                        -J.K Rowling

            *The Red Tent

                        -Anita Diamant

            *Helen of Troy

                        -Margaret George

            *Divine Secret’s of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

                        -Rebecca Wells

            *Incarnations of Immortality

                        -Piers Anthony

Almost Over...For Now

Well I essentially quit LJ in favor of actually paying attention to my school work. And now with another year ending I will be able to dutifully return to waisting my time on writing a blog that no one actually reads.

This has been one of those quarters that EVERYONE is glad is over. The sole thing in the world that makes me happy is sushi and swedish fish. Thats it. I want sleep. Sleep now. Sleep till late August early September.

Prop 8 Upheld


Where do you even begin?

Tonight across America, there will be protests in every state. Even though we are angry I ask people to keep these protests peaceful and not to shine blame on any one party or seek revenge. Keep strong, keep fighting. Keep being who you are without shame or guilt. Be proud to be you. Be proud to be gay or a gay supporter. This is not the end, it is only the beginning. We will continue our fight for equality. We have had victory in many states over the last six months, more so than every before. Don't lose sight because one slipped through.








I am a bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad college student.


I am fucking tired. I skipped class today because I have about a billion things to complete for my classes so I needed to skip my classes in order to get this shit done! ARGH! ADULT HOOD REEKS!

I mean that with all my heart. It was so much easier being an irresponsible teenager. And I find myself getting a little jealous of my coworkers who basically do whatever the hell they want because they still live with their parents and…


Okay never mind. ADULT HOOD ROCKS!

It’s just stressful right now. A lot of things have to be done soon and I just feel like I don’t have anywhere near enough time to get it all done.

Friendship and Cultural Differences Unit

Barring another freak out, this is my finalized plan for ECE 221: Early Literact B

And the Chaos EnsuesCollapse )

Westburo Baptist Church


Thank you UK.

Problem is we don't allow such limitations in the U.S. Problem of course meaning our rights are their rights included in all such ways. So it doesn't matter as far as we go, but I'd be more than happy enough to see it required for protest groups to remain at least five miles from any funeral site or street where the funeral procession drives.


I was starting to panic because my beloveds birthday is in about a week and a half and my account is running on empty. chaos ensues But then I looked up my schedule and I get the kyuuroo  on the Tuesday before hand. dances of delight Now I will be able to buy her presents and take her out to a nice dinner for her day!
Oh and on a whim I decided to wear a skirt today. For those of you who don’t know, I almost never wear a skirt because all the skirts I used to own are ugly ontop of ugly. But I got two new, lovely ones for Christmas so I finally decided to rock on today.
I personally think I look lovely and Laura thinks I look sexy as hell. Those are the only two opinions I need.
I am still working on my ECE stuff. I have an unfinished observation due today and no conceivable way of finishing it.  I guess I could schlep over to the ECE classroom right now and see if the infant room is available. In fact I think I will.
Huh. Guess it is conceivable.

Z-Day Survival Game

Z-Day has happened. Man-kinds worst fear, the Apocalypse, has become a reality. The cities are over run with the walking dead and those few who survive are now wanderers in what was once a world rules by science and law.


You however…are lucky.


When the Apocalypse happened, you were no where near the cities. In fact you were out at your great grandmothers funeral. In her will, she left you control over the two hundred and fifty acre farm she and your great grandfather has run for the past sixty years, but has recently started to dwindle due to consumerism. This property is yours entirely, to do with as you will, and as you watch the news and see only a few sad hundred fleeing from the far away metropolises, you start to wonder what you can do to survive.


Your farm consists of:

-175 acres for roaming

-50 head cattle and 4 bulls (two of which are gelded)

-10 chickens and 1 mean rooster

-5 sows and 1 boar

-two fresh water ponds

-50 acres of hay fields

-25 acres of woods

-three large barns

-hay loft

-one tractor

-1 acre family garden

-milking machines

-‘Chuck’ the old Border Collie

-the old farm house which should have been condemned 10 years ago


Still, watching the horror unfold, you can’t help but feel there must be something you can do. Slowly it begins to dawn on you. Sitting less than a five mile walk is a property that can sustain at least a few people. You head out into the night, knowing by now that the undead are few and far between way out in the boonies. You convince a few of the locals (who knew your grandparents well) to come with you and set the farm up with better protection.


You Gain:

-6 allies

            * ‘Tim’ the pharmacist

                        --adds mostly painkillers and antibiotics to stock

            * ‘Clara’ the Sunday School teacher

                        --religious but can shoot straight with a rifle

            * ‘Edgar’ the local mechanic

                        --has fixed everything from tractors to BMW’s also owns axes as he cuts own fire wood

            * ‘Shane’ owner of Guns, Guns More Guns and Knives

                        --brings stock pile of 10 semi-automatics, 6 .357’s and sufficient ammo for about a week

            * ‘Becky’ owner of Becky’s Bar and Cue.

                        --food and alcohol supplies to last a week

            * ‘Felix’ the hotel manager

                        --blankets, pillows, and food stocks from hotel to last two weeks


With your small troop you move quickly out of two, killing three or four zombies from local incidents and one with slash marks across it’s wrists. You make it to the farm and begin making repairs to the house and fortifying things up as best you can. One of the very first things to go up is a series of barbed wire fences and alarms around the perimeter (with Edgar and Shane’s help).


By the end of the first week, survivors begin showing up, some from in town, some from the smaller cities in the area. The first group that shows up consists of twenty people, but your little farm can only support five more. Winter is coming and you have a lot to do before the first snow.


Who Do You Choose:

            1) ‘Lisa’ your high school girlfriend, now widow with two kids


            * ‘Brian’ your high school boyfriend, now a widower with two kids

                        -gasoline in back of old Ford pickup

            2) ‘Niel’ Brian/Lisa’s son (10)

            3) “Casey’ Brian/Lisa’s daughter (6)

            4) ‘Carl’ gun toting Rebel flag man from outskirts of town

                        -excellent shot and White Lightning manufacturer

            5) ‘Miguel’ owned furniture shop

                        -wood crafting and carpenter skills

            6) ‘Rosita’ Miguel’s wife

                        -excellent cook and gardener

            7) ‘Maria’ Miguel and Rosita’s daughter (17)

            8) ’Lt. Matherson’ Lt. for one of the troops sent into the city

                        -good shot, army supplies, long wave radio

            9) ‘Dr. Phearson’ psychiatrist

                        -moral knowledge and medical knowledge

            10) ‘Laura’ artist/graphic designer Kalynn’s spouse

                        -wheelchair bound excellent computer knowledge

            11) ‘Kalynn’ PreK teacher Laura’s spouse

                        -was at school, managed to save two students

            12) ‘Anne’ PreK student, parents whereabouts unknown

            13) ‘Greggy’ PreK student parents undead

            14) ‘Daddy G’ arrested for burglary and assault

                        -knife and unarmed fighting skills

            15) ‘Johnny’ college football jock (19)

                        -unarmed fighting skills and Eagle Scout

            16) ‘Karmel’ stripper with farm girl upbringing

                        -knows animal husbandry and can drink anyone under the table

            17) ‘Ramone’ firefighter and odd jobs man

                        -nicknamed “Mr. Fix-It” by truck buddies

            18) ‘Michelle’ mother of five, all undead

                        -good with crochet and sewing machine

            19) ‘Sammie’ film student

                        -camera permanently attached to hand

            20) ‘Peter’ grocery store night watchman

                        -keys to local Shop-O-Mart




Remember to post your choices in the comments in order to find out your scores on Feb. 6th and see if you survive the winter. The LEAST amount of points possible is 5pts. The MOST is 25pts. The outcome of the next episode will depend upon the AVERAGE scores from all the comments bellow. 

 Ex: Lets pretend you pick 3, 6, 7, 15 and 20 and their level of value totaled is 18. This means that your group has a good chance of surviving the winter. HOWEVER, lets say the next person picks 4, 6, 8, 12, and 19 and their level of value is totaled at 5. This will drive the average down to 11.5, which means less of a likelihood of your entire group making it through till spring. (!!NOTE!! These examples are NOT a reflection of actual scoring numbers)) ((!!NOTE 2!! This game is not based on any survival guide or poll. Just common sense and chance. So stop looking for a code or secret and just have fun!))

Jan. 30th, 2009

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “There has to be a better way?”

I have observations I have to do on a weekly basis. The center I observe at has been undergoing some problems, not to mention everyone being blanketed by snow this past week. Now, when I finally find the chance to get up there on an open day, the bus takes to long and I miss the first observation times. This means I’ll have to cram everything into a three hour session this afternoon, not to mention lug everything across the campus in 5in of snow.

Growl Need car, need insurance, need license.

Also not doing so good n the job department. Still have a job mind you, two in fact. But the first had to call me off twice due to no business (1 day we closed early, 1 day we just hadn’t made enough to justify another person on the clock) and my second job called to say they wouldn’t need me for another week. Which means another week before I can add a second paycheck to my bank.

Urgh! I don’t feel like I’m getting enough sleep and I am so friggin tired of waking up at night and peeing on a frozen toilet seat. My girl and I are a little snippy mostly due to stress as oppose to any valid argument. It’s on both sides too, so don’t anybody think I’m blaming it all on one party.

I’m looking forward to Valentines Day. Since she was born right around that time, we celebrate her birthday and V-Day together. It’s one of two times a year she lets me spoil her with presents and no complaints.

OH on the plus side I got to see Mya again! She’s the little girl I used to babysit until things just got too complicated and I didn’t have the time anymore. She’s almost two and she’s gotten so big and active that I just can hardly keep up with her! Snuggles It was so nice to be around the itty bit again!


It's 3:29. I'm sitting in my living room watching Aladdin and wishing I was asleep. It's chilly and I can see the snow outside accumnulating to a point of which I will spend an hour tomorrow trying to shovel and scrape throught it. Why you might ask?

Because my sinuses are going so insane I can't breath when I lay on my back and I keep sneezing every twenty seconds.

I want a Claritin NOW.


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